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Gianmaria Bonino: poetry, emotion and expressivity. The fortepiano revolution arrives to Cantus

Great news for all Cantus followers: we are pleased to announce that the sensational Italian fortepianist Gianmaria Bonino will make his solo debut on Cantus in a few months with an extraordinary and revolutionary recording of the 24 Etudes composed by Fryderyk Chopin, performed on a beautiful fortepiano Pleyel dated 1839, the instrument that Chopin loved and knew so well.

Gianmaria Bonino starts on Cantus a series devoted to Chopin’s music, and he does no less than with the Études op. 10 and op. 25, pieces of great difficulty that he negotiates with his prodigious technique and his wonderful sensibility. It is true that a few recordings have featured Chopin played on period instruments in the last few years, but most of such recordings have been given to pianists not really familiar with historical pianos, and they have not been able to get from Chopin’s output all the beauty and expressivity that is hidden in his musical language.

Gianmaria Bonino is the proud owner of a collection of historical fortepianos, among them a Pleyel dated 1842 and a Broadwood most possibly used by Beethoven. His recording is a new hallmark in the fortepiano discography. One can’t but admire the sensuous, melancholy way in which he performs the most introspective pages; on the other hand, his power, his fire, his capacity to give each note its exact sense make his readings absolutely fascinating. Add on top the unique sonority of the Pleyel instrument used in our recordings and a formidable recording engineering that captures an impressively clear sound, and we shall coincide in saying that Chopin had never been recorded like this before. Every detail, every gesture of the performer can be felt, enjoyed and loved.



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