Cantus online shop

Our new website of course includes an on-line shop, so that all our followers can purchase our albums (physical CDs or digital downloads).

The Cantus on-line store is very easy to use.

a) Shipping and prices: shipments are made via the postal service of Spain, in normal and express modalities, in their normal shipping arrangements or pay in delivery form. The shipping rate can easily be changed once you access the shopping cart as a step in the buying process. For the moment we just send physical CDs to Spain, rest of Europe and the United States, and all other applications should be done by email.

b) Payment: You can pay by Paypal (either through your Paypal account or your credit or debit card), credit or debit card via Paypal, or using our pay in delivery form. We do not support bank transfers.

Our pricing policy is very clear: we try to offer Cantus discs at the lowest possible price considering that our issues are among the most luxurious and best packaged in the market. The price for individual CDs (1 CD x 1) and double CDs (2 CDs x 1) is 9,99 euros. 3 CD sets (3 CDs x 2) and 4 CD sets (4 x 2 CDs) are priced 19,98 euros, and the only 7 CD set (7 CDs 4) is 38,96 euros. All taxes included.

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