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C 9804/6 JE, GUILLAUMES… (3 CDs x 2) [2399 Euro]


Cantus released in 1999 the first of the 3 CDs included in this set, C 9626 Le Jugement du Roi de Navarre (The Judgement of the King of Navarre). It was universally acclaimed (it is still our best seller and has been reprinted six times), which confirmed the respect achieved by the performers, Ensemble Gilles Binchois, and the interest the figure of Guillaume de Machaut arises among medieval music lovers. In addition to C 9626, first ever released by Cantus, we have added to our catalogue two more titles devoted to Machaut recorded by Ensemble Gilles Binchois, which originally appeared in the French label Harmonic Record, who have licensed them for us. These 3 CDs were first released together in this special set in 2000 to celebrate the 700th anniversary of Machaut's birth, ca. 1300)

Including the original editions of the following CDs:

C 9626 Machaut: Jugement du Roi de Navarre

C 9624 Machaut: Messe de Nostre Dame

C 9625 Machaut: Le vray remède d’amour


Ensemble Gilles Binchois

  • Dominique Vellard, director


Total time 63:25 + 56:45 + 65:49

This specially priced 3 CDs x 2 set includes all the original booklets with a total of 290 pages and over 130 illustrations. Four languages. Full translations of all the sung and read texts. All three CDs can be purchased separately as well at their usual, individual price.

Cover Artista anónimo: ilustración del “Remède de Fortune” (ca. 1350-5) de Machaut. Bibliothèque Nationale de France, París


Diapason d'Or (Diapason, France)
Choc de Le Monde de la Musique (Le Monde de la Musique, France)
Un événement exceptionnel (Télérama, France)
10 de Répertoire (Répertoire, France)
5 Goldberg (Goldberg, Spain/USA/France)
Excepcional de Scherzo (Scherzo, Spain)
***** Ritmo (Ritmo, Spain)
"The modern equivalent of an illuminated book of hours: beautiful to hold, read and hear, it is an effort worthy of the universal praise it has received" (Koch-Schwann, USA)
Disco Recomendado del Mes (Classica, France)
"Altísima recomendación" (Early Music Review, UK)

C 9804/6 JE, GUILLAUMES...

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