In the last days we have begun to receive the first reviews of our latest releases. Please find below a selection of some of them, appeared in Spain. Under each image you will find some highlights translated into English. We shall be adding more translations in the coming days, as well as reviews appeared in other countries, as soon as we get them.

MAGAZINE “MUSICA PERFECTA” (Spain; January-June 2013)


Review of “Passo di pena in pena“
Magazine “Música Perfecta” (Spain)
January 2013

Excerpts in English:

Mark: 10
(Interpretation: 10 / Sound: 8
Libretto: 10 / Presentation: 10)

Among the most extraordinary surprises offered by the complete catalogue of the Spanish label Cantus […] we find this impressive recording of Italian cantatas sung by the magnificent Italian countertenor Flavio Ferri-Benedetti, beautifully accompanied by Ensemble Il Profondo, whose members have studied at the prestigious Schola Cantorum Basiliensis […]

Watch out: this is not “yet another” album of baroque arias, like many nowadays. It is the presentation of FFB, who will be soon a big star of early music. FFB has everything in order to succeed: a consistent countertenor voice which he can use with precision and huge expressivity, and, moreover, has a beautiful colour, so much more personal and attractive than that of many other countertenors who have a flat, white, effeminate voice. For this CD, his debut as a soloist, FFB has perfect allies in the Ensemble Il Profondo, very refined and with a beautiful sound in the instrumental moments. This Ensemble usually invites the soloists they want to work with, not the other way around: their work for years with Ferri-Benedetti translates into a natural feeling and a mutual knowledge that makes everything sound exactly as expected: with precision, firmness in the quick passages and endless sweetness in the melancholic moments. As an example, play the first track of the CD and let yourself fall in love (be enraptured): the prodigious instrumental introduction to the Scarlatti cantata is performed in an amazing way — followed by an impressive messa di voce with which FFB underlines the great singer that he is. From here on, we are facing one of the best, if not the best album of Italian cantatas recorded to this day: there haven’t been Italian countertenors among the “big ones”, and it seems like Ferri-Benedetti goes the right way to become it: he has not only the technical quality, but also the logical and natural knowledge of the text, the naturalness of his most beautiful diction and the perfect way with which he gives the exact meaning to each word. […] This album deserves our highest mark: for almost 70 minutes we get a splendid example of the best way to make music: the way that appears when talent, knowledge, capacity and passion come together. It contains endless gems. My personal favourite is the beginning of the CD, of an almost disturbing beauty – but also the final aria of the Bononcini cantata […] sung by FFB with an unsurpassable sensuality. […] As usual with Cantus, presentation and design are marvellous […] the libretto by José Carlos Cabello tells us everything we need to know about the cantatas and their context. The sound is beautiful […] with very good clarity and strength.  […] In short, it is a debut that will be remembered forever, because this album is one of those that receives the adjective of: “essential”.

 “SCHERZO” MAGAZINE (Spain; February 2013)

Scherzo Magazine (Spain)

February 2013

“Surely among the best albums of baroque vocal music of 2012 […] The excellence in performance of the singer and the ensemble, all of them ex students of the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis […] FFB makes here his CD solo debut […] Apart from his beautiful timbre, phrasing and coloratura, he also own a not-so-frequent quality among early music colleagues: an exquisite musicality, perfect diction and a loving treatment of recitativo […] After listening to the CD I couldn’t help thinking of the Cukor movie’s title: “A star is born”. His name is Flavio Ferri-Benedetti.”

DIARIO DE SEVILLA (Seville and Andalusia, Spain; January 2013)

[The solo debut of the young Italo-Spanish countertenor Flavio F. B. who performs, together with the excellent accompaniment of the young Ensemble Il Profondo, four cantatas of four great masters of the Italian Baroque […] Ferri-Benedetti has a beautiful, aerial, clean, brilliant voice, very agile in the high register and with enough consistency in the low register — all in order to make the most out of the best feature of his singing, in my opinion:  the perfect diction, the impeccable articulation of each phrase and its expressive implication. Each word is splendidly nuanced in itself and also perfectly merged into the ensemble. The most virtuosic passages work well, but it is in the slow pieces where his style shines more evidently: the music breathes deeply and emotionally in his lips. Thus, Ombre tacite e sole by Scarlatti is a role model.]

[The performance, of a suggestive improvised air, with flexible lines, rich in ornamentation and colours, passionate and intense, perfectly represents the strength and style of a new generation of baroque specialists […] This project benefits from the usual care that the Spanish label Cantus  always puts in all its productions…]

SINFONIAVIRTUAL.COM (January-June, 2013)

[The singing protagonist of this CD is countertenor Flavio Ferri-Benedetti, who also writes in the libretto his reflections about the phenomenology of singing as the art of linking, moving, enraging, purifying, feeling and being felt. His voice is full of refinement, exquisiteness and sensuality through a very pleasant timbre, secure dynamics and a perfect fiato. The efficient and inspired accompaniment is performed by Ensemble Il Profondo, composed by eight ex students of the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis, specialized in baroque music.


MUSICA DEI DONUM (February 4, 2013)

DOBLE BARRA.COM (February 12, 2013)

[Cantus is an outstanding label, well known by early music fans, perhaps the most beautiful Spanish label, and deserves admiration […] for taking the utmost care for detail and for the best packaging and booklet essays available today, thanks to the magnificent work of his founder, José Carlos Cabello. We must of course add to this the participation of La Ritirata, an ensemble director by cellist Josetxu Obregón, one of the undisputed starts of the HIP movement, who little by little have earned to their favor reviewers and audiences worldwide thanks to the quality, energy and vitality that are the hallmarks of their triumphant projects.]

ZONADEJAZZ.COM (February 12, 2013)]

“MUSICA” MAGAZINE (Italy, March, 2013)

“L’OPERA” MAGAZINE (Italy, February 2013)







[Cantus presents here another of its delightful rarities, one of the two or three existing baroque chamber music period performance DVDs. La Ritirata offers a beautifully filmed concert which commences with the catchy dances written by Falconieri for the Spanish Naples, and finally takes us to the elegance of Telemann, the beauty of the unknown Paisible and the best performance of a Vivaldi cello sonata I have ever heard (or seen!) in my life. 10/10.]


MUSICA PERFECTA (Spain, January-June 2013)

[In my opinion, this CD will be among the best recordings of the year for its excellent selection of pieces, for the outstanding performance and for its most refined presentation. Very, very few CDs can so convincingly take us to a different time, a different aesthetic world. One of the best CDs I have ever listened in this repertoire. 10/10]

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