Work and projects in progress

Dear Cantus followers, here’s an update on some of our current productions and projects. First of all, the reprint of C 9636 Passo di pena in pena is almost ready and will arrive to our warehouse soon. We shall be able to send it again not only to our distributors, but also to those purchasers who have not received it yet, together with our apologies for the delay. The first edition sold out very soon and we made a coordination mistake that provoked the problem. We shall put all our interest and energy to avoid this in the future. Additionally, our first DVD ever, “Concierto Barroco”, performed by La Rititrata under Josetxu Obregón has also been sent to plant and we expect to have it in our hands immediately. The classy, elegant DVD digipack comes with a beautiful full-colour booklet of 28 pages. It will be the only baroque chamber music DVD of this kind available in the market worldwide!

Editorial work on the liner notes and illustrations fro two of our coming projects advances at great speed: C 9635 Chopin’s Études rapturously performed by Gianmaria Bonino and the splendid C 9638 Missa Galeazescha composed in the 15th century by Loyset Compère and impressively performed by Odhecaton (with stellar guests as La Reverdie, La Pifaresca, Ensemble Pian & Forte and organist Liuwe Tamminga) will be out in a few weeks time. As Cantus followers know well, all our productions are painstakingly produced and Cantus booklets are a key part in our projects. They involve a very long process that in certain cases delays a bit our release agenda, but it’s worth wait!

In the meantime, the initial process of editing of the recording of a solo baroque violin music played by Lina Tur Bonet recently (October 2012) has already commenced, and at the same time we are already selecting texts, sources and illustrations that will form the core of the CD booklet.

Is this all? Well, certainly not! In parallel, new artists contracts are being negotiated with worldwide early music stars, well known, splendid performers that wish to join Cantus in a near future. As soon as the contracts are duly signed we shall be able to let you know concrete names and projects. From Medieval to Romantic music, all periods will be covered by our new and present artists.

Besides, we are working in a new editorial project that will be called Cantus Roots: in principle it will consist of ONLY DOWNLOADABLE releases made up with two types of repertories. On the one hand, early music with strong traditional music roots, and also traditional music from different parts of the world, with a special interest in music from South America, France and of Celtic inspiration as well. These releases will be accompanied by full electronic booklets in at least two languages (Spanish and English) but until we check how well they work they will not be released physically. The CD market is still very weak worldwide and we can only venture in new paths if we avoid incurring in extra costs that would do them impossible to finance. WE SHALL SOON GIVE MORE INFORMATION ON CANTUS ROOTS!!!!

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