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Lina Tur Bonet records unaccompanied violin for Cantus

Ibiza-born violin player Lina Tur Bonet has just taped her first Cantus CD. Our first project with Lina Tur Bonet is focused on the unaccompanied violin repertoire. Lina wished to offer us her own vision of the evolution of the unaccompanied violin music of the 17th and 18th centuries, with works by Baltzar, Matteis (including two world first recordings!), Westhoff, Biber, Vilsmaÿr, Pisendel and Bach. The first step, then, has been completed, and here you can enjoy the first three photos taken during sessions. We shall immediately begin with all the production process: digital editing, cover and booklet design, liner notes and translations. We shall duly keep you updated of all our progresses!

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