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Victoria is probably the best known Spanish composer of the Renaissance. His intense, emotional music, is considered the peak of the Golden Age of Spanish polyphony and his works are sung by every and all vocal ensemble worldwide. The perfection of his style and the serene and austere beauty of his output have made of Victoria a favourite among the music lover, who will possibly find it very interesting to have this masterpiece available, intensely sung by a Spanish chamber choir.

This recording (a live performance of the very demanding Victoria's Lamentations of Jeremiah) is a dramatic and passionate account of this masterpiece. Music Ficta sing it with full drama and pathos, making a perfect understanding of its tragic and dolourful text. It is important to note that the intention of both producers and performers was to offer this music in as similar conditions as those experienced by the audience that attended the concerts in Madrid. This means that there is almost no editing or cuts, in order to preserve all the passion and expressivity achieved during the performances (which were given for an almost absolutely silent audience!). It can be said that Victoria' music has never been sung in this intense, full-blooded way.


Musica Ficta

  • Raúl Mallavibarrena, director
  • Yolanda Lázaro, Alexia Juncal, cantus
  • Jordi Abelló, Alicia Ramonet, altus
  • Lluís Vilamajó, Miguel Mediano, tenor
  • Enric Martínez, Tomàs Maxé, bassus
  • Ignasi Jordà, organ


Total time total 54:44

84-pages booklet with 3 articles by J.C. Cabello, R. Mallavibarrena and M. Gómez Aranda

Recorded at Sala de Bóvedas de Conde Duque, Madrid, Spain, Holy Week 1996

Live recording Michael Cohen

Editing A. Palomares, J.C. Cabello

Cover Juan de Juanes, “Ecce Homo” (c 1572). Museo del Prado, Madrid


Recommandé du mois (Répertoire, Francia)
***** (Ritmo, España)
“R” de Recomendado (CD Compact, España)
"There is no other Victoria CD better than this” (Billboard, USA)
“High technical quality” (American Record Guide, USA)

    ✋ Please adjust first the VOLUME control on the SPEAKER ⇓ before playing ▶

    Vere languores
    Popule meus


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