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C 9642/43 J.S. BACH: THE FRENCH SUITES BWV 812-817 (2 CDs) [13,99 Euro]


The roughly two dozen suites that Bach composed for keyboard instruments were written for private use of his students, and are predominantly French in style. The present French suites, which remained unpublished until long after his death, were composed after Bach's arrival to Cöthen, and the full collection was only completed by 1725, once he had moved to Leipzig. In the process, Bach repeatedly revised the French suites, shuffling certain works into and out of the set and altering a number of movements quite drastically. In the French suites Bach decided to say more with less, avoiding obvious virtuosity in favor of sublety and refinement, coming closer to what French composers like Couperin, whose music Bach knew well, called le bon gout.

Cantus is very proud to publish this 2 CD set, masterfully performed by Ignacio Prego. He already appeared in a Cantus release as a member of ensemble La Ritirata in our DVD "Concierto Barroco", but now we can enjoy his amazing gifts as a soloist. Ignacio Prego achieves a perfect balance in his performance of Bach's French suites on revealing in a clear and luminous reading the internal architecture, the miraculous inner construction of this music, with its imitative counterpoint and characteristic armony, while adding freshness and elegance with his wonderful sense for ornamentation. In conclusion, we have one of the best versions of this music avalaible today: moving, elegant, with a clear musical direction, full of expressive nuances and perfectly well-judged tempi...

This special 2 CD set for the price of one is presented in a beautiful double digipack with liner notes by David Schulenberg. The recording was done in a villa near Madrid, and benefits from a clear and warm sound engineering by Federico Prieto (Master Acoustics). No serious music lover can miss this...



  • Ignacio Prego
    (Harpsichord by Keith Hill, 2011, after models by Ruckers/Taskin)

    Production information

    Total time 52:23 + 55:54

    Booklet including liner notes by David Schulenberg

    Recording location La Villa de Ronald, Madrid, January 2013

    Engineer and digital editing Federico Prieto (Master Acoustics)

    Producer Yago Mahúgo

    Executive production Ignacio Prego & Cantus Records

    Design José Carlos Cabello

    Photos Adolfo Prego


“I had never previously felt such a natural flow as in the hands of this your performer... The absolute reference for these works”.

"...with irrepressible vigor and elegance... Mr. Prego provides an exhibition of dizzying virtuosity allied with compelling emotional directness..." "...Young Spanish harpsichordist Ignacio Prego proves himself to be not only a gifted musician but also a galvanizingly prescient interpreter of the music of Bach. ". "Ignacio Prego reminds listeners—and, hopefully, fellow musicians, as well—that Bach’s music does not require proselytizing. Excellent music excellently played needs no pedagogical justification".
VOIX-DES-ARTS.COM (United States, February 2015)

"Ignacio Prego is gifted with a musical verbe of undisputable quality. His expressivity, as is widely apparent in this recording, is truly exquisite".
SONOGRAMA.ORG (Spain, March 2015)

"Ignacio Prego performs this 2 Cd set with great subtlety and refinement. It is an exquite production".
DOCENOTAS.COM (Spain, March 2015)

    ✋ Please adjust first the VOLUME control on the SPEAKER ⇓ before playing ▶

    French Suite No. 5 BWV 816 - Sarabande
    French Suite No. 1 BWV 812 - Gigue
    French Suite No. 4 BWV 815 - Air

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