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With this special edition for the English-speaking countries (2 CDs & 100 pages booklet, in two different editions: Spanish or English), Cantus tries to fill an important gap. Given that our most important aim is the diffusion of early music through recordings of the highest musical quality, presented with booklets containing the best possible essays (informative, accessible, readable, updated), we felt that preparing this dictionary (or guide) on the most important instruments used during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance could be useful and important.

The present release is divided in two parts. One, consisting of 2 CDs with 78 musical examples from our own catalogue (some of them still unpublished). The music is presented in chronological order according to a division by families of instruments. Secondly, a booklet of 100 pages, only in English, with over 60 illustrations, divided in various essays written by Cantus’ artistic director, José Carlos Cabello. The main one is called “Ex silentio in sonum” (From silence to sound), and covers the origins, development, repertoires and decline of the most important instruments of the periods covered by this edition. It is fully updated, and contains information coming from the latest musicological research. The thick, elegantly printed booklet also includes an extensive essay with substantial annotations on all and every piece selected in the two discs (background, how they were composed, musical structure, instruments used in the performance, etc. In sum, an essential edition that every lover of early music should have: an indispensable set that includes more than 140 minutes of glorious music performed by the who is who of the Medieval and Renaissance music fields, and an informative and complete booklet that combines excellent and updated scholarship and an attractive literary style with a touch of journalistic flow.

Performed by the most important Cantus artists like Ensemble Gilles Binchois & Dominique Vellard, La Reverdie, Currende Consort, Concerto Palatino, Erik Van Nevel, Accademia Strumentale Italiana & Alberto Rasi, Roberta Invernizzi, Juan Carlos Rivera, Musica Antiqua & Christian Mendoze, In Stil Moderno, and many more.



Instrumental soloists

  • Pavlo Beznosiuk, Emmanuel Bonnardot, Jankes Braaksma, Claudia Caffagni
  • Andrés Cea, Michael Collver, Randall Cook, Patrick Denecker, Heidi Erbrich
  • Nancy Hadden, Aapo Häkkinen, Pierre Hamon, Françoise Johannel
  • Marcel Ketels, Peter Köhnel, Georges Lartigau, Andrew Lawrence-King
  • Brigitte Lesne, Ella de’ Mircovich, Mimi Mitchell, Camille Mugot-Drillien
  • Guy Penson, Béatrice Pornon, Frederick Renz, Juan Carlos Rivera, Michel Robert
  • Emily Rogers, Stephen Taylor, Lee Santana, Doron-David Sherwin, Dominique Vellard, Stevie Wishart.

Vocal soloists

  • Roberta Invernizzi, María Cristina Kiehr, Anne-Marie Lablaude
  • Guillemette Laurens, Elisabetta de’ Mircovich, Núria Rial.

Instrumental ensembles

  • Accademia Strumentale Italiana & Alberto Rasi, Circa 1500 & Nancy Hadden
  • Concerto Palatino, Currende Consort & Erik Van Nevel
  • Ensemble Gilles Binchois & Dominique Vellard, Göteborg University Ensemble
  • Il Desiderio, In Stil Moderno, La Reverdie
  • Lindeke Trumpet Ensemble, Musica Antiqua & Christian Mendoze.



100 pages booklet (two different editions: Spanish version and English version) with articles by José Carlos Cabello Portada: Francesco del Cossa, “Mes de abril. El triunfo de Venus, ca. 1469-70” (detalle). Palazzo Schifanoia, Ferrara, Italia


A) tracks 1-14: fiddles (Medieval fiddles and viols, viole da gamba, 16th-17th c violins)

B) tracks 15-29: plucked-instruments (harps, dulcimer, lutes, vihuela, cistre)

C) tracks 30-42: recorders and traversos

CD 1 – Total time 74:23


A) tracks 1-14: keyboard (organs, clavichord, virginals, harpsichords, hurdy-gurdy)

B) cortes 15-32: winds (cornets, sackbuts, trombones, trumpets, bagpipes, shawms, crumhorns, bassoons)

CD 2 – Total time 64:36

5 Goldberg (Spain/USA)
Choc de le Monde de la Musique (France)
Recomendado de CD Compact (Spain)
Diapason d’Or (France)
Indipensable release. All libraries and schools should have it (El País, Spain)

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    Estampie – Medieval Fiddle
    Nutmigs And Ginger – English consort
    Puisque Je Suis Fumeux – Cornetto muto
    Salve Decus Suecorum Rex – Trombones
    Scarborough Fair – Recorder & Harpsichord


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