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The sonatas included in this recording have not received much attention from music lovers, possibly due to the fact that they absolutely need to be performed with period instruments in order to preserve their subtle combination of timbres and the carefully studied balance the composer asks for. Once this is achieved, as in this beautiful recording, it comes out as a surprise that the music is of great interest, with very delicate dialogues between the instruments in the slow movements, and tremendous energy and power in the external ones. The opening sonata, K. 304, is a real masterpiece, a perfect example of Mozart's Sturm und Drang period, violent, rebellious and bold.

Regular and founding members (as first violin and harpsichordist) of the much-acclaimed period chamber orchestra Europa Galante, these performers apply all their knowledge and expressivity in the voluptuous, passionate readings given in this recording. Their natural, fluent understanding of this music allows them to exploit all the lyrical and dramatic resources of the pieces: operatic-like adagios of intense beauty, allegros of exhilarating vitality that sound fresh and full of charm in these versions. Paying attention to the many expressive and poetic nuances of the pieces, it can be said that they rediscover these sonatas through an intelligent use of tempi (especially in the slow movements), full-thought ornamentation and care to the internal balance and structure of the music. To all those who felt that this was pretty but uninteresting music, this disc will reveal them a new, undiscovered treasure



  • Fabrizio Cipriani, violín (Anonymous, 18th c.)
  • Sergio Ciomei, fortepiano (Paul McNulty 1989, after Anton Walter, c 1795)


Total time 77:45

44-pages booklet with 2 articles by Sergio Ciomei and Fabrizio Cipriani, and José Carlos Cabello

Recorded at Antigua Iglesia de San Miguel, Cuenca, Spain, May 1996

Recording and editing: A. Palomares, J. C. Cabello

Artistic director and executive production: José Carlos Cabello

Cover Alexander Roslin, “A lady with a veil”, Statens Konstmuseer, Stockholm


***** (Ritmo, España)
“R” de Recomendado (CD Compact, España)
Best version yet! (Ontomo Mook, Japón)

    ✋ Please adjust first the VOLUME control on the SPEAKER ⇓ before playing ▶

    Sonata K.301 (293a) en Sol Mayor / Allegro con spirito


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