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C 9607 VOUS OU LA MORT [11,99 Euros]


This is music of rare beauty. The musicologist and reviewer, David Fallows, author of an interesting article for the booklet of Vous ou la mort, writes: “this recording brings together compositions by a host of glorious composers who flourished in the 1500's. All of them were prolific and composed music of a dazzling individuality. To hear Josquin's secular music alongside the works of these other composers is to appreciate that he lived in a time of extraordinary vitality in music”.

The essential feature of lyrical poetry concerned with courtly love is the repetition of the desire to serve the lady. But why so much detachment, so much coldness, if behind all the etiquette the real aim was the physical consummation of love? This eroticism of gestures and symbols, that could at the same time be disturbingly intense, is perfectly reflected in the delicacy, sensuousness and dramatic immediacy of this magical music.

Erik van Nevel is considered among the most important specialists in the early music field. This is his favourite repertoire, and he performs it with a group of distinguished soloists and instrumentalists that communicate to these pieces all the emotional impact of their beautiful melodies and texts. Never ashamed to include a large number of instruments in some of the pieces, others are given very intimate, almost private renderings, full of tender and loving care. Gems like Prioris' Elle l'a pris are really difficult to forget or even to listen to without tears appearing in one's eyes...

Director and Musicians

  • Guillemette Laurens, Katelijne van Laethem, cantus
  • Jan Caals, altus
  • Jan van Elsacker, tenor
  • Job Boswinkel, bassus
  • Currende Consort
  • Capella Sancti Michaelis
  • Concerto Palatino
  • Erik van Nevel, director



Total time 77:31

60-pages booklet with 3 articles by David Fallows y José Carlos Cabello

Recorded at Jesuit Chapel, Haverlee and Steurbaut Reconrding Centre (Belgium), 1990-1994

Recording and Editing Steurbaut Sound Centre

Producer Johan Huys

Cover van der Weyden, “A lady” (ca. 1435/1440). Staatliche Museen zu Berlin


Choc du mois (Le Monde de la Musique, Francia)
***** R (Ritmo, España)
Extraordinary (Volkskrant, Holanda)

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    Hé, compaignons - Gillaume Du Fay
    Triste plaisir - Gilles Binchois
    Den Haghel ende - Jacob Obrecht


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