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Considered as one of the most important Spanish composers of his time, together with Victoria and Morales, Guerrero's music has very rarely been recorded. This magnificent music comes now to the light in its full splendour and glory. This CD contains motets and hymns chosen primarily for their great interest and outstanding quality. The purity and the spirit of this music deserve to be discovered by the most exigent music lovers.

In this occasion, surrounded by the magnificent acoustics of the impressive Collegiate of Cardona's castle near Barcelona, the singers of Musica Ficta bring together their pure intonation and their deep understanding of this Spanish master in a recording of radiant beauty.

Spanish Renaissance polyphony has always been considered as the peak of this repertoire. Guerrero's style combines the serene beauty of the pure lines of the polyphony with the Mediterranean expressiveness and fervour. The imposing Magnificat included in this CD, the austere and sober Vexilla Regis or the wonderful Dulcissima Maria just present three of the many different aspects of one of the best composers of his time.


Musica Ficta

  • Raúl Mallavibarrena, director
  • Núria Rial, Yolanda Lázaro, cantus
  • Jordi Abelló, Alicia Ramonet, altus
  • Albert Folch, Lluís Vilamajó, tenor
  • Pau Bordas, Tomàs Maxé, bassus
  • Ignasi Jordà, organ


Total time 62:35

76-pages booklet, with 3 artíclesby J. M. Llorens, P. García Martín and R. Mallavibarrena

Recorded at Colegiata de Cardona (Barcelona, Spain), June 1997

Recording, editing and production José Carlos Cabello

Coproduction Cantus/Arte Música

Cover Juan de Juanes, “La sagrada familia”. Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando, Madrid


10 de Répertoire (Répertoire, France)
5***** (Goldberg, Spain/USA/France)
***** (Ritmo, Spain)
An impressive achievement (Early Music Review, UK)

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    Tota pulchra es Maria - Francisco Guerrero (1528 - 1599)
    Trahe me, post te - Francisco Guerrero (1528 - 1599)
    Vexilla regis - Quo vulneratus - Francisco Guerrero (1528 - 1599)


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