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The figure of Felipe Rodríguez (1760-1815) still continues to be almost completely unknown. Not even the recent edition of the prestigious musical Dictionary New Grove mentions his name, despite the indubitable value of his keyboard music.

Rodríguez was born 1 May 1760 in Madrid, although he studied in the Montserrat Monastery in Barcelona, Felipe Rodriguez: Works for fortepiano - C 9622 with Anselm Viola. Montserrat was already an important centre of keyboard composers, a tradition began with Miquel Lopez (1669-1723), Josep Martí (1719-1763), Benet Julià (1727-1787), the worldwide known Antonio Soler (1729-1783), Viola (1738-1798) or Casanoves (1747-1799). After becoming priest, Rodríguez returned to Madrid where he was an outstanding organist, preparing a book with organ works (the instrument came given by the availability of the church in which he was employed, although these pieces can also be performed with fortepiano, as this CD demonstrates).

Josep Maria Roger, who already recorded for Cantus, with enormous success, a CD with the fortepiano works written by Fernando Sor, is the performer selected for this wonderful music. These works reflect the Haydn and Viennese classicism influences in the Spanish music of the time. Our CD includes slow movements on an intimate beauty and elegance, and also rondós and allegros full of rare vitality and joy. Our first aim has been, then to discover the stature of a completely forgotten Spanish composer and the extraordinary sonority of his music.



  • Josep Maria Roger, fortepiano (Paul McNulty, 1994, after Anton Walter, 1795)


Total time 62:41

56-pages booklet with articles by Daniel Codina, Josep Maria Roger and José Carlos Cabello.

Recorded at Antigua Iglesia de San Miguel, Cuenca, Spain, June 1999

Recording, editing and production José Carlos Cabello

Cover Anton Rafael Mengs, “Leopoldo de Austria, gran duque de Toscana”, 1770. Museo de El Prado, Madrid


Recomendado CD Compact (CD Compact, Spain)
A very fine performer that introduces us to the virtually unkown Rodríguez and his beautiful music. An important CD, wonderfully well presented and designed (La Vanguardia, Barcelona)

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    Sonata III Si bemol mayor - Felipe Rodríguez (1760 - 1815)

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