Flavio Ferri-Benedetti


For many music lovers, the countertenor voice is the true symbol of the early music movement since the times of Alfred Deller, who back in the mid twentieth century stunned the world with his unique technique and his unique voice colour.

Times have changed, and now we demand from the greatest singers not only a much more refined and complete technique than that of the pioneers of early music, but also a more natural colour and a more beautiful voice, a more powerful instrument, more flexibility, greater knowledge of style and, above all, a much more dramatic presence, a singer who can render the text in a more convincing way.

These are the essential characteristics of the voice of Flavio Ferri-Benedetti, who is surely to become one of the greatest countertenors of our time. The magical way in which "says” the text, his natural and beautiful phrasing, his clear diction, the precise manner in which he emphasizes the character of each text to give achieve the exact degree of expression are sure to cause sensation among those who still do not know about him. His first album, released by Cantus, will mark a difference in the way we conceive Baroque singing.


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