La Reverdie


Originally formed by two pairs of sisters (the Caffagnis and the de 'Mircovich, from Trieste), La Reverdie is today a well-known ensemble worldwide, with some fifteen wonderful albums to their credit. The first one they recorded, however, and perhaps the most beautiful, which both critics and fans still regard as their best yet, was Bestiarium (C 9601). After so many years it remains as one of the best selling records of Cantus and a favourite of our followers. It contains all the features of La Reverdie: a beautiful and imaginative program, combining familiar pieces with world premiere recordings; clarity and transparency of the performances, with both subtlety and sensuality on the more introspective pages, and strength and glorious intensity in the more lively pieces; and imagination in the instrumental and vocal combinations, obtaining beautiful textures with a core group of vielle, harp, medieval lute and recorder, on which the unmistakable voices of the sisters' de Mircovich, Elisabetta and Ella, are a personal mark. Listening to La Reverdie is a rare and unique pleasure, their sound was and still is quite peculiar for their freshness and immediacy.


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