Xavier Díaz-Latorre

One of those musicians unanimously considered by his colleagues as one of today’s best performers.
The world of early plucked-strings is truly special. Their performers are usually multi-instrumentalists, and generally dominate instruments as varied as Renaissance lute, Spanish vihuela, baroque guitar, baroque lute, theorbo, up to romantic guitar and some others. It is a world where concern for sound, purity of line and clarity of touch join together in search for a musical sense to allow the relatively small old repertoire sound always new, fresh and exciting to our discerning ears.

Xavier Díaz-Latorre is one of those performers unanimously considered by his colleagues as one of the best today. His dazzling technique, the elegance of his touch and his wonderful sensitivity guarantee that listening to his CDs is a fascinating experience, where you can perceive how he gives new life to pages already known and restores the essence of those old pages in a magical way.

Cantus released in July 2013 his wonderful reading of the music of Gaspar Sanz in the album C 9630 Gaspar Sanz: sones de palacio y danças de rasgueado, in which, with the participation of the legendary percussionist Pedro Estevan he recreates the colours, the strength and subtlety of the beautiful music of the Aragonese 17th c. master. His second release for Cantus was C 9623 La Guitarra dels Lleons (The Lion's Guitar), in which Xavier uses no less than 4 different historical guitars kept at the Museu de la Música in Barcelona, which were restored for this project. Two of them are two 17th century instruments (one of them is the famous "lion's guitar", which lends its title to the CD), a Pagés instrument from early 19th century and a wonderful de Torres instrument (mid 19th century). All of them have been entirely strung on gut, and they have recovered, after centuries in silence, their original voices, full of mistery, nuances and amazing sonorities.

Xavier Díaz-Latorre in Cantus:

Sones de palacio y danças de rasgueado

  C 9623_front

La Guitarra dels Lleons

C 9660_front

C 9660 Francesco da Milano Il Libro della Fortuna (1536)