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According to latest research, the dance that gives title to our disc, Schiarazula Marazula, an impressive and mysterious piece, was a song-dance inserted in an archaic and complex pseudo-religious ritual. Dancers (and possibly singers as well) would invoke rain on the Pentecost evening at around midnight. The ritual would be gaining intensity (and, somehow, a number of dangerous components) with the years, and by 1624 the patriarchal Inquisition was called for intervention against it.

So, as most of the other Mainerio's pieces contained in our recording, it was not actually written by him at all; he rather assembled and arranged some of the most popular dances of his time (of different countries, for in our disc there are dances from Italy, Germany, Hungary, England or France that were frequently used and danced in Italy) and presented them in one of the most original collections of the century. Together with Mainerio's output we shall find a selection of ravishing pieces from the Munich Manuscript (16th century, but containing sometimes much older melodies) and a handful pieces of Carlo Farina, one of the first violin virtuosos, who before leaving his homeland wrote some inspired collections of dances "to be played with violins or other instruments"

French group, Musica Antiqua, is well known by record collectors. But, in this occasion, we completely changed personnel, to give the group a dramatically new sound: musicians from France, Hungary, Switzerland, United States and Italy perform with astonishing energy and power (or, when required, with deep inspiration and moving melancholy) this colourful music. The result is that even the best known pieces of the disc will sound new, fresh and surprising.


Musica Antiqua

  • Christian Mendoze, director
  • Fernand Charpentier, Marguerite Humber, Jean-Charles Lorgoulloux*, Dominique Gauthier**
  • * recorders, crumhorns, * percussion, ** Renaissance flute
  • Christian Mendoze, recorders
  • Györguy Farkas, basson
  • Donella Terenzio, Massimo Vivaldi, Raffaele Tiseo, renaissance violins
  • Bruno Re, viol
  • Jean-Michel Robert, lautes, vihuela
  • Valérie Capeille, lute, renaissance guitar
  • Marinella di Fazio, archlute
  • Camille Mugot-Drillien, harpsichord



Total time total 54:05

76-pages booklet with articles by Belén Gallego and José Carlos Cabello, and 36 illustrations

Recorded at Collegiale de Hyères (France), June 1997

Recording, editing and production José Carlos Cabello

Coproduction Cantus - Hyères Culture - Conseil Régionale du Var

Cover design and booklet coordination José Carlos Cabello

Booklet cover Pieter Bruegel, “A peasant wedding”. Kunsthistorisches Museum, Wien


Recommandé du mois (Classica, Francia)
Un événement exceptionnel (Télérama, Francia)
In short, this is the best Renaisance dances CD recorded yet. Every serious collector should have it. What a wonderful release! (American Record Guide, USA)

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    La parma - Giorgio Mainerio (ca. 1535 - 1582)
    Correnta Seconda - Carlo Farina (ca. 1600 - ca.1640)
    Correnta quarta - Carlo Farina (ca. 1600 - ca.1640)

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