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C 9608/9 ANTONIO VIVALDI: 12 SONATE OP. 2 (2 CDs ) [13,99 Euro]


Defined by many musicologists as the best sonata set ever composed by Antonio Vivaldi, this collection contains all one can possibly expect from this master: highly lyric, sensuous slow movements, full of melancholy and serene beauty, fierce external movements, with all the Mediterranean fire that characterizes Vivaldi and, above all, the immense sense of joy that all his music possesses. He enjoyed composing it, and this is clear from the first to the last note. Performed with period instruments, this glorious music sounds truly radiant and it will be a tremendous discovery for the record collector!

Fabrizio Cipriani is a violin virtuoso that founded the acclaimed orchestra Europa Galante together with Fabio Biondi when he was only 18. His strong technique is only equal to his great musicianship. He performs this music with unfailing intonation and unrivalled sense for embellishment that sounds always natural and unaffected. The performer, something very much in vogue during the 18th century in Italy, links several of these sonatas through wonderful solo cadenzas improvised.

Surrounded by an imaginative continuo team, Cipriani makes us travel to the Venetian channels. He knows this music and has performed it for years. It would be very difficult to imagine a better account of these pages. Cipriani is tender, firm, delicate and loving in turns. His notes for the booklet end with these words: "This is an attempt to do justice to one of the greatest composers of all times, with all the love that I am capable of giving".



  • Fabrizio Cipriani, violin (M. Deconet, Venezia 1788)
  • Antonio Fantinuoli, violoncello (D. Quercetani, after Stradivarius-Piatti, Parma 1991)
  • Antonio Frigé, harpsichord (C. Mascheroni, after an 18th c. Italian original, Milano 1992)
  • Ugo Nastrucci, theorbo (T. Rizzi, after an 18th c. Italian original, Milano 1983)


Total time 63:14 and 56:24

36-pages booklet with articles by Mariateresa Dellaborra and Fabrizio Cipriani

Recorded at San Michele di Gallareto, Campomorone, Genova (Italy), June 1992

Recording and editing Roberto Chinellato

Producer Mario Martinoli

Cover Samuel van Hoogstraten, “Trompe-l’oeil” (ca. 1678), Staatliche Kunsthalle, Karlsruhe


5 Classica (Francia)
***** (Diapason, Francia)
9 (Luister, Holanda)
Un disco indispensable (CD Compact, España)
“An extraordinary rendering” (Early Music Review, U.K.)

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    Sonata I Sol menor / Giga - Antonio Vivaldi (1678 - 1741)
    Sonata III Re menor / Corrente - Antonio Vivaldi (1678 - 1741)
    Sonata III Re menor / Adagio - Antonio Vivaldi (1678 - 1741)


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