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Nowadays, Michele Mascitti is merely a number: just another Italian musician and composer who set off to follow most of his own career abroad. He visited a number of Italian cities, mainly Rome, where he probably studied with the very famous Corelli. He then moved to Germany, Holland and, finally, Paris, where he was to publish all his instrumental output from 1704 to 1738. Naturalized French in 1739, protected by the Duke of Orléans, Mascitti was considered as a renowned virtuoso, and his name frequently appeared associated with those of Corelli and Albinoni in the important French newspaper, "Mercure".

Except for a few minor touches of colour, more formal than substantial, these works have a clear Italian flavour, inspired directly in Corelli, both in the wonderful slow movements with basso andante and in the faster, final movements, generally jigs with an unmistakable Southern feel to them.

Fabrizio Cipriani and Antonio Fantinuoli, two well-known soloists, founders of the period orchestra Europa Galante, are proposing here something quite unique: a performance with only violin and cello and no additional keyboard or stringed instruments for the basso. This gives a new dimension to the dynamic relationship of both instruments, which seems to us richer and more intimate, more purely chamber-like. The results are revealing.



  • Fabrizio Cipriani, violin (Michele Deconet, Venezia 1788)
  • Antonio Fantinuoli, violoncello (Desiderio Quercetani, after Stradivarius/Patti)


36-pages booklet with 2 articles by osé Carlos Cabello and Fabrizio Cipriani

Recorded at San Bartolomeo, Cravasco, Genova (Italy), November 1994

Recording Valter B. Neri

Editing José Carlos Cabello

Producer Roxane Henrichs

Cover Nicolas de Largillière, a detail of “Officers and gentlemen of the city of Paris” (1696). Saint-Etienne-du-Mont, Paris

9 Luister (Luister, Holanda)
Maravilloso violinista (Early Music Review, U.K.)
Absolutamente recomendado (The Segye Times, Corea)
Cipriani es un maestro entre maestros (CD Guide, Corea)

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    Sonata I en Re Mayor / Adagio - Michele Mascitti (1663/4 - 1760)
    Sonata III en Sol Menor / Corrente - Michele Mascitti (1663/4 - 1760)
    Sonata VI en Do Mayor / Allegro - Michele Mascitti (1663/4 - 1760)

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