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La Reverdie is considered as one of the leading ensembles for Medieval music today. The four women that form La Reverdie in this recording (all of them multi-instrumentalists and vocalists) are gifted with a particular sense for colour and expression, and their performances are devastatingly beautiful.

They use their voices and instruments with delicacy and sensuality in wonderful love pieces such us the English medieval songs Fuwëless in the frith and Bryd one brere, or the French En ma forest; with great power and energy in the 9th century Breton war-song Ar Bleizi-mor, with deep knowledge in the Italian trecento pieces and with infectious style in the dance-like pieces, such as the Irish medieval jig Na coire ar na sleibhtibh.

The clear and pure recorded sound, taped in the magnificent castle of Udine in Italy, allows the listener to enjoy every nuance of the performances. The instruments sound gloriously, as do the voices, and the exquisite production around (including the fabulous booklet, a veritable treatise on the subject) makes for fascinating listening. A truly unique world of allegorical animals, magical beasts, dragons and lions, guarding bridges, castles and maidens... The full colours of the Middle Ages represented in what early music connoisseurs have called "the white disc of Cantus"!


La Reverdie

  • Elisabetta de’ Mircovich: voice, rebec, santur
  • Claudia Caffagni: voice, lute, percussion
  • Ella de’ Mircovich: voice, harp, lyre
  • Livia Caffagni: voice, recorders,fiddle


Total time 56:15

80-pages booklet with articles by Ella de’ Mircovich and José Carlos Cabello

Recording Castello d’Udine, Italy, May 1990

Recording and editing Roberto Chinellato

Cover Omersby Saltery, (Ms Douce, fol. 147v), Bodleian Library, Oxford


Diapason d’Or (Diapason, Francia) ***** (ABC de la Música, España) ***** (Ritmo, Spain) “R” de Recomendado (CD Compact, España) 9 de Répertoire (Répertoire, Francia) An irresistible seduction, a wonderful musical program (Le Monde, Francia) “Persuasive and impressive” (Early Music Review, Reino Unido)

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    Fuwëles in the frith / canción inglesa - Anónimo
    Oseletto selvaggio / madrigal - Jacopo da Bologna (s. XIV)
    En ma forest / pastourelle - Anónimo

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