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C 9814/16 BELLA IMAGINE (3 CDs x 2) [23,99 Euro]


Three of our best-seller and most beautiful releases appear together in this special set devoted to Medieval and Renaissance songs and dances. Three musical periods, three performing styles and the same taste for the beauty, vitality and colour of early music.

The marvellous Ghirlandaio painting selected for the cover artwork of this set reproduces, by the image of Giovanna Tornabuoni, a label with a Latin epigram written by Martial: "If you, are, could represent character and virtue as well, there would not be a more beautiful image in this Earth". These deep words, and the beauty and nobility of Giovanna's face were direct inspiration when preparing this box, and we decided that its title could not be other than Bella imagine, this is, "beautiful image". With it we try to evoke all the beauty that can be found in this set, wonderful songs and dances of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance magically served by three international groups (from Italy, Low Countries and France, respectively), considered to be amongst the best and most reputed early music ensembles world-wide.

Including the original editions of the following CDs:

C 9601 Bestiarium (La Reverdie)

C 9607 Vous ou la mort (Currende/Concerto palatino - Erik Van Nevel)

C 9605 Schiarazula Marazula (Musica Antiqua)



  • La Reverdie
  • Currende Consort / Capella Sancti Michaelis / Concerto Palatino / Musica Antiqua / Erik Van Nevel
  • Musica Antiqua / Christian Mendoze


Total time 56:15 + 77:31 + 54:09

This specially priced 3 CDs x 2 set includes all the original booklets with a total of 210 pages and over 110 illustrations. Four languages. Full translations of all the sung texts. All three CDs can be purchased separately as well at their usual, individual price.

Cover Ghirlandaio, “Giovanna Tornabuoni” (1488). Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid


Diapason d'Or (Diapason, France)
Choc de Le Monde de la Musique (Le Monde de la Musique, France)
Un événement exceptionnel (Télérama, France)
10 de Répertoire (Répertoire, France)
Recommandé du mois (Classica, France)
Disco del Mes (Record Forum, Korea)
***** Ritmo (Ritmo, Spain)
***** ABC (ABC, Spain)
Disco Recomendado del Mes (CD Compact, Spain)


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